The Inequality Mirror: Using a Student Survey to Teach Social Stratification

Año: 2022


Jorge Sola, Celia Diaz-Catalán, Igor Sádaba, Eduardo Romanos y César Rendueles

Publicado en: Teaching Sociology

DOI: 10.1177/0092055X211071131

ISBN / ISSN: 0092055X


Social inequality is a central theme in sociology study plans (both in research and education), but it is often one of the most difficult topics to teach. This article presents an innovative student-centered strategy for teaching social inequality that uses a survey to collect data on students’ socioeconomic characteristics and perceptions of inequality. To stimulate reflection and discussion on the social mechanisms that reproduce inequality, this information is subsequently presented to them in conjunction with a comparative analysis to general population data. The exercise seeks to make social inequality less abstract for students by involving them in the research process and by using data relative to their own lives and families. Ultimately, the strategy boosts students’ sociological imagination and their capacity for critical thinking by encouraging them to see the connections between individual biographies and broader social forces.